We stand for high quality care for all.


Who We Are

Carley Hauser

I am a speech language pathologist, and I help people with injuries and illness realize their potential for communicating.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help people every day, so they can recover and be their best.

Carley Hauser, Speech Language Pathologist, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Kara Aparo, RN

In the hospital, I see patients at their worst.  It’s my job to make sure everyone on the care team is in synch.  It’s such an incredible feeling to provide care that makes a difference to the lives of people in our community.

Kara Aparo, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Bristol Hospital
Rachel, Ariella and Charles Botts

Our daughter, Ariella, has a rare genetic disorder that makes every muscle in her body weak.  She could barely move.  She couldn’t eat, breathe, or even smile. When it all caught up with her and statistics said she could not possibly make it past six-months-old, Connecticut doctors and therapists wouldn’t give up on her or on us.  They worked around the clock support to her; they were strong when she couldn’t be.  Ariella will be two this summer.  She is walking, using sign language, breathing on her own for most of the day, and best of all… she smiles when she says mommy and daddy.

Rachel and Charles Botts, Parents of Ariella, who was cared for by Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Maria, Juliette, and Victor Santos

The best day of our lives was the day the doctors and nurses at Milford hospital helped us welcome our baby girl.  She is the light of our life and we are so grateful for the excellent care we received.  Connecticut hospitals provide care we can all count on.

Maria and Victor Santos, Parents of Juliette, born at Milford Hospital

What We Stand For

Courtesy: Hartford Hospital

Courtesy: Hartford Hospital

High Quality, Safe Care

  • Hospitals have always been dedicated to providing the best quality care to patients.  We launched the first statewide initiative in the country to become high reliability organizations, creating cultures with a relentless focus on safety with the goal to eliminate all preventable harm. 
  • Every day, hospital teams across the state are beginning their days with safety huddles, ensuring that safety is reinforced as the most important focus—the foundation on which all hospital work is done.  This first-in-the nation program is not only changing the way we think about safety, it is saving lives. 
  • Connecticut hospitals have also reduced infections, patient falls, pressure ulcers, readmissions, and more through a national program, Partnership for Patients.  Connecticut hospitals have been recognized repeatedly for participation and performance in this program, working through the American Hospital Association’s Health Research and Educational Trust Hospital Engagement Network.

Improving The Health of Our Communities

  • The benefits of hospitals extend well beyond our walls, as we strive to improve the health of our communities. 
  • Connecticut hospitals are deeply invested in the health of our communities.  In 2012, hospitals spent $1.2 billion on community benefit initiatives, and provided more than 12.3 million community benefit services to individuals and families.  Read the report and infographic.
  • These include support services for cancer, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic conditions, mobile vans and clinics delivering primary and preventive care, healthy lifestyle education programs, and many other programs targeted to meet specific community needs.

Serving as the Economic Lifeblood of Our Communities

  • Our hospitals are the cornerstones of our communities.  We provide great jobs to more than 50,000 people who make sure we have access to the very best care whenever we need it.  Hospitals are often the largest employers in our communities.  Hospital jobs and spending generate additional jobs and spending in communities throughout our state. 
  • In total, Connecticut hospitals contribute more than $20 billion to the state and local economies, generate more than 110,000 jobs in our communities, and serve as a magnet for other business and commerce.  Read the report and infographic.
  • Take a look at the economic impact of your local hospital.

Embracing Health Reform

  • Healthcare reform accelerates the transformation already underway at hospitals, as we adapt to a new landscape that requires quality improvements, cost reductions, and increased efficiency in an atmosphere of increasing financial pressures. 
  • Hospitals are strong supporters of the health reform goal of increasing access to coverage, and we are committed to giving patients the greatest opportunity to receive covered care anywhere in the state. 
  • All Connecticut hospitals are participating in Access Health CT, the health insurance marketplace, and a large majority are participating with all three health insurance plans provided through Access Health CT.  We’re also working with the exchange to train our staff to help people enroll in coverage.