We stand for high quality care for all.


Who We Are

Roydell Weeks

When you come to Greenwich Hospital, my priority is keeping you safe by keeping the hospital germ free. Connecticut hospitals are committed to patient safety, and that takes everyone.  I stand for Connecticut Hospitals – providing care we can count on.

Roydell Weeks, Director, Environmental Services, Greenwich Hospital
Shirley Taylor, RN

My hospital saved my life when I became critically ill.  It also provided me with an education in nursing, and I was able to get a great job.  Now I’m a hospital volunteer, advocating for patients and family so their hospital experience is positive.  I stand for Connecticut hospitals, providing care we can count on.

Shirley Taylor, RN, Volunteer, St. Vincent’s Medical Center 
Rebecca Santiago, RN, BSN, CLC

We can all agree – the healthcare system is complex.  I’m a nurse and a nurse navigator at the Saint Francis Center for Health Equity and the Curtis D. Robinson Men’s Health Institute.  I work with people in our community to get them the right preventive screenings and the care they need to be healthy and stay that way. 

Rebecca Santiago, RN, BSN, CLC, Community Healthcare Navigator/OASIS Facilitator, Saint Francis Center for Health Equity/Curtis D. Robinson Men's Health Institute
Ashley Moran, RN

As a hospital nurse, it’s my calling to provide care to patients to help them recover and get back to doing what they love.  I stand for Connecticut hospitals: providing care we can count on.

Ashley Moran, RN, Bristol Hospital

What We Stand For

Courtesy: Hartford Hospital

Courtesy: Hartford Hospital

High Quality, Safe, Equitable Care

  • Safety is the foundation on which all hospital work is done; Connecticut hospitals are committed to providing safe, high-quality care.  Every day, hospital teams across the state are beginning their days with safety huddles, ensuring that safety is reinforced as the most important focus.  Safety huddles are just one element of the first-in-the nation program, the CHA High Reliability Collaborative, that is not only changing the way we think about safety, it is saving lives.
  • Ensuring integrated, equitable, culturally competent care is also a priority of Connecticut hospitals; in another first, hospitals participate in the CHA Diversity Collaborative in pursuit of health equity.

Improving The Health of Our Communities

  • The benefits of hospitals extend well beyond our walls, as we strive to improve the health of our communities.  In 2013, Connecticut hospitals spent $1.5 billion on community benefit initiatives and provided 12.3 million community benefit services to individuals and families.
  • Connecticut hospitals offer support services for cancer, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic conditions, mobile vans and clinics delivering primary and preventive care, healthy lifestyle education programs, and many other programs targeted to meet specific community needs.

Your Health and a Healthy Economy

  • Connecticut hospitals provide great jobs to more than 55,000 people who make sure we have access to the very best care whenever we need it, and hospitals are often the largest employers in their communities.  Hospital jobs and spending generate additional jobs and spending in communities throughout our state.  In 2013, Connecticut hospitals contributed $21.9 billion to the state and local economies, generated more than 110,000 jobs in our communities, and served as a magnet for other business and commerce.
  • Take a look at the economic impact of your local hospital.

Embracing Health Reform

  • This is a time of unprecedented change in healthcare, and Connecticut hospitals are leading the charge to transform the way care is provided.  They are focused on providing safe, accessible, equitable, affordable, patient-centered care for all, and they are finding innovative solutions to integrate and coordinate care to better serve their patients and communities.